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kagehina fic recs~


we are a blessed fandom to have such amazing authors tbh. i tried my best to compile a list of my favorites.. 

recs and a little bit more info under the cut!!

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They bonded over gay manga afterwards.


Imagine Kageyama suddenly planning for their wedding after college and Hinata’s all confused because “You haven’t even proposed to me yet!” and Kageyama just gives him the ‘you dumbass you’re an idiot but I love you’ look and says “I didn’t, but you did.” and he reminds Hinata about his speech…


a slightly older hinata who accidentally shaved some of his hair off and so has to improvise with his hairstyle (idk blame kkuroo-tetsurouu) poor kags is a little flustered


a slightly older hinata who accidentally shaved some of his hair off and so has to improvise with his hairstyle (idk blame kkuroo-tetsurouupoor kags is a little flustered


. | via Tumblr - https://weheartit.com/entry/123379330


. | via Tumblr - https://weheartit.com/entry/123379330

It’s An Impulse Known As Love


    Kagehina fanfiction by @. Based on this prompt.

 Hinata all but jumps over the net when his phone goes off during practice.

        It’s one of those pre-set ringtones – a shitty recording of a three-chime tone that interrupts practice with a loud burst of bells and static. It holds exactly zero significance to Kageyama, but Hinata looks like he’s about to pee his pants in excitement.

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Title: Five times Kageyama tries to confess and the one time that Hinata finally gets it 
Author: iwillstillopenthewindow
Pairing: Kageyama Tobio / Hinata Shouyou
Summary: And when he finally does, he doesn’t even have to say “I love you”.

If you are on mobile, please read here: [Archive of our Own]

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Go home Hinata, you are severely intoxicated.

Don’t worry anon, kagehina can never be too corny ;) Sorry I couldn’t fit the whole team, Kageyama’s turned out longer than I thought… but if you want I can do the rest of Karasuno in another post? Always willing to do drunk texts ^_^ 

Kids, this is why underage drinking is bad!!!!! DON’T DO IT. It’s just not cool. 



Suga: Son, it’s okay. Leave it to me for now.

Kageyama: Okay mom. I’m sorry..

imageSuga: I’m worried about my son but..


Suga: I’m worried about his bae too.


Hinata: What do you think you’ve been doing, bae?! I told you it’s gonna be okay!


Kageyama: …



I am now just realizing Kags and Hinata’s size difference, not only in height but in width too. Like Kageyama is literally a Hinata and a half wide, Hina looks like a child standing next to him…


Just found the full doujinshi of this: (x)


Haikyuu!! kisses (in gif order):


Kageyama x Hinata:

Suga x Daichi:

Noya x Asahi:

Yamaguchi x Tsukishima:

Ukai x Takeda:

Kuro x Kenma: